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Rubic cúbico
Intenta armar las caras del cubo del mismo color y complétalas todas
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Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
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Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
Being a newly licenced Paralegal I have to agree with Gary. The reaosn Paralegals are now licenced is to hold us accountable to the LSUC.We now go through training in law and have to pass a test with the Law Society to get a licence.It is NOT the same as years ago when anyone could hang out a sign stating that they were a Paralegal. We have to pay fees to the LSUC and hold personal liability insurance, and have to know the laws that govern the areas we practice in.So, we cannot mess up cases as anoymous states.The suggestion is that we do simple divorces NOT property division. After all, there are some reaosnalble people who want to be able to be granted a divorce without being taken to the cleaners by a lawyer.That folks is where Paralegals will come in.

Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-28
that the paralegals are not seknieg to represent people in the Superior Court, which has exclusive jurisdiction to property division. You are forgetting the people with properties to be divided tend to be in a better financial position to hire skilled lawyers. Therefore, there's less an issue of access to justice on that part.My concern lies on custody, access, and child protection matters and matters involving domestic violence.Parties involved in these matters are more likely to have trouble to have access to lawyers. By the same token, these matters are far more complicated than divvying up the assets and part ways. When issues regarding children's safety and well-being are before the courts, effective representation is vital to ensure a just outcome.To navigate through the system can be difficult at times even for experienced lawyers who have practised in family law for years.Access to justice is a structural issue. By allowing paralegals in family law, the issues will not be solved. Family law matters will not become easier for the public. What will likely happen if paralegals are allowed in family law is that it will create a a two-tier justice system where the rich gets one class of practitioners and the rest gets the other.That's hardly justice. [url=]eavbloqy[/ur l] [link=]osmnswc[/lin k]

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