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Hombre Elysium
Pelea contra los enemigos que van llegando, usa los cursores para moverte y las teclas "A", "S" y "D" para golpear
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Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-10-01
I like your review besuace it is spot on. I went into this movie not knowing anything of its similarities between it and NGE until the first five minutes of the movie. I was excited that this was finally the NGE movie that I had been hearing about for years. That excitement quickly disapated. I also couldn't tell the two douchey bro main characters apart. I ended up leaving the theatre after an hour and a half of hoping for a decent plot and a character to root for. It just wasn't a good movie unless you only wanted to see amazing special effects. [url=]qvlahm[/url] [link=]uuyeggibz u[/link]

Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
Yes Laughmaster, I do know what the point of fan subs are. The point of fan subs are to bring anime that has not yet be licensed by an American conampy. Or in some cases may never be licensed by an American conampy. Titles that may not sell well (for example: Chocotto Sister or Dannou Coil). Or titles because of the nature of the content would be unacceptable to the general American audience (for example: Kodomo no Jikan or KissXSis). I also remember when fan sub groups would stop the distribution of anime that got licensed by a conampy. FLCL has been around in the US for a long time. I purchased the original DVD releases when they were first released by a conampy called Synch-Point between 2001 and 2003. I still have those DVDs. They are among the oldest in my collection. I have not purchased the Blu-Ray version put out by Funimation. I have not bothered to download anyone else's subtitled efforts since I already own them. I do not download what I already own. If I like a series enough to collect all of it from fan subs, I always purchase either the American releases or the Japanese releases as I can afford them. Soul Eater being an example of a series I downloaded, then purchased the Japanese DVDs, then purchased the Funimation releases when they were available. Just doing my bit to keep the industry alive.I did purchase the HD copy released by Funimation to iTunes. I can tell you this. The english dub on the iTunes release is exactly the same as what is on the Synch-Point DVDs. So again, what is the point of this release?

Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-28
o metafraster tha valei asrktaei gia to "fonto zwis". Ki elega na dw pws tha to lysei o atimos?.What can I say? You're a natural gliko mou mirikastiko!

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