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Anillo Bearer
Juega a transformarte en un billonario en este juego al estilo Seor de los Anillos, pero con una giro diferente
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Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-10-02
This was the most powerful onlnie class for me so far. The Wolf pass especially made me feel intense joy even though I had been under sternuous physical exertion just before the class and my whole body was aching which made me barely able to get down on my knee.I have always had issues with dealing with groups and painful experiences with groups as a child have left me wary and mistrusting of groups. When doing the Cleaning movement several times my view changed from not wanting to deal with the group into realizing I was being disrespectful to other people in the group and then accepting I was going to be involved with the group just by the virtue of working with them and trying to avoid it was not going to be helpful. I was in the group for my own benefit just like the others were; if being in the group wasn't to my benefit I wouldn't have been in it and I'm sure the others would have liked it if I had been more involved, too. After the class while asleep I had a dream which ended with me being supported by a large group of people cheering and giving me money; all except for one person who didn't like the group giving me attention. Until then I had been hiding not wanting to show myself to the group but when this person started throwing a tantrum and drawing everyone's attention I came out first making the whimpering sounds which then developed into a full-blown wolf's howl and I then woke up mid-howl. Lying on the bed I could viscerally sense a wolf-spirit guiding me to let go of my fears and to adapt being in a group by making constant adjustments with the help of all my senses and not giving up too easily.Thank you. [url=]upkznst[/url] [link=]uszufh[/link]

Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
Como quisiera tener un jardedn lleno de forles!! pero con el clima que hace aqui no duran nada ... encima esta primavera este1 haciendo mucho fredo... tendre9 que conformarme con las plantas de interior que logran sobrevivir a la calefaccif3n ..jejee.. ya llegf3 mi regalito.. me muero por ponermela

Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
to myself: “OK. It is your life. And I don’t care about it!! I am not with you!! My life is seaparte!!” And I dived into my nuisance. After the Magical passes I became aware that each of us was playing of her typical role. I was playing my “favorite” role of Savior. And my Mom was playing her best role of Superhero. All our awareness and energy were invested into these roles and emotions accompanied our Play made us very heavy)), as my Mom’s bag. It made us feel far away from each other and intensify our Disconnection. But actually we were connected with each other, with beautiful pine-trees around, with morning sky and energies of the day. And this Connection is energetic fact of our existence. From this state of Connection I can see my Mom differently. She needed my understanding and acceptance of her. Maybe it could be in form of warm joke and very calm words.If only one person enters the state of Connection with whole awareness, all others members of the group will enter into it easily. And state of connection and direct communication is not only feeling but actions. For me it means:-Saying STOP to my ‘favorite’ roles taken most of my energy and entering into Connection and Belonging state throughout energy filaments from my Heart;-Being fully in the Dreaming position where we are all connected instead of typical habit to feel disconnected;-Sending truly from my Heart energy of Support and Love instead of presentation myself in Saviour role;On the next morning after the Class my energy body showed me that through energy filaments from my belly I often negotiate my will on the others and due to it some aspects of my natural connection are lost. And from filaments from my Heart I am really connected to every form and every energy of Infinity.The Wolf Form opens for me completely new mode of perception when I see, listen, smell and feel very-very full and detailed with a lot of new amazing facts. The Wolves’ Song made me smile and feel very happy. Thanks Magic Wolves and Teo!!I asked Wolf Spirit : “How I can express myself harmoniously in my group/ my pack?”And Wolf Spirit answered: “Feel your pack by every part of your being and sing your Song from your Heart listening unique Voice of each Being to make Chorus…”Till our new journey to Spirit!!With Love and Gratitude, Irina Palei

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