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Evangelion - Pac Man
Mezcla de Pac-man con Evangelión. Eres Shinji, comiendo pastillas y ángeles
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Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
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Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-30
It's really great that people are sharing this infotmarion.

Guest's Arcade Avatar User: Guest
Date: 2013-09-28
Reel-to-reels are pretty boss and Darth Vader with a reel-to-reel adidtion to his armor is a great idea. Imagine all the hilarious situations that could arise from that. For instance all of his speech could be randomly sped up and slowed down, or he could start talking like Jar Jar, or music could start playing. All of this would be corrected by Vader punching himself in the chest. This is gold. Solid LucasfilmTM, Copyright, All Rights Reserved gold. [url=]wnojkpf[/url] [link=]yjeauizu icq[/link]

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